Hello CIE Member!

Members of CIE and UChicago are invited to this series of exclusive events that work on deep entrainment of entrepreneurship skills, learning from experts in their field, entirely for free.

We’re going to be at CIE with a series of exclusive events this August 8th to August 23rd for GiveGetWin Summer Camp.

The Speakers and Mentors

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Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau will be hosting the CIE events.

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Speakers/mentors include Ben Rubin (cofounder Zeo and Change Collective, raised over $30M in venture capital); Eden Full (mech engineer, inventor of Sun Saluter, deployed in 16 countries improving solar efficiency); Judd Weiss (became a self-made millionaire at age 24 in commercial real estate, instructing on sales, attitude, and verbal skill); Stepan Parunashvili (became the youngest programmer at Facebook when wit.ai was acquired, on skill development and batting above your league); Jason Shen (NCAA champion gymnast at Stanford, cofounder YCombinator-funded Ridejoy, Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Smithsonian, on habit formation and mental toughness).

Lectures and Major Events Open to CIE Members and UChicago Students

Summer Camp is a series of training for accepted volunteers. The main lectures and major events for Summer Camp are open to CIE Members and UChicago students.

The major events are:

August 10th Kickoff Event: Understand how to learn skills faster, get repetitions, measure and improve your performance, dealing with nerves and pressure in whatever area comes hardest to you (it varies by person),  and then being systematic once you’ve mastered the basics.

August 23rd Grand Finale: How fast is it possible to get success? How long does it take to master new skills and get over your fears? 5 minute presentations with key success stories and life lessons from participants, along with major speakers.

11AM@CIE Speaker Series: From August 11th to August 22nd, every day except the 15th/16th. These daily lectures focus on one aspect of the “Four Clusters” of GiveGetWin Skills by an expert in the field.

What You’ll Learn

The Four Clusters are —

I. “Value Creation” Cluster… because there actually is a method in the madness of creating new products, services, and experiences. R&D, Researching and Understanding Markets, Strategic Thinking and Planning, Goals, Customer Development

II. “Verbal Skills” Cluster… because humans primarily communicate through words. Outreach, sales, partnerships, negotiations, presentation skills, active listening, social/soft skills, speaking clearly, closing, etc.

III. “Distribution Skills” Cluster… because building a better mousetrap ain’t enough in a busy world; you need customers to find and buy your mousetrap too. Refining new products/services based on customer feedback and iteration, scoping, copywriting, features and benefits, collateral creation, getting distribution channels going, marketing plans, spreadsheet-style targeting, etc.

IV. “Value Delivery” Cluster… because the best customer is the repeat customer. Followthrough, followup, ensuring the win, creating great experiences, and creating customer evangelists who love to spread the word.

What People Have Said About Past GiveGetWin Events

“Thanks again for the talk last night. I took a lot away from it and found it very valuable and time well spent.” — Jeff Edstrom, UChicago CIE Skydeck

“One of the best meetings at The Entrepreneurship Club, probably one of the best interactive sessions I have been to in my life!” — Aniruddh Ravindran, University of Florida

“I’ve met more amazing people tonight than in my whole time in San Francisco.” — Bryan Hernandez, MIT Alum, San Francisco Event


To RSVP, you may either use the standard CIE RSVP forms, or email sebastian@givegetwin.com please add “RSVP” in the subject line and let us know what event(s) you’re interested in attending.